Are Bull Terriers Good Guard Dogs? (Beware!)

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Bull terriers are fierce, energetic dogs with an even more fiery, spirited demeanor.

They are known for having long egg-shaped faces, a muscular body, and a sleek coat.

However, Are bull terriers good guard dogs? Are they Protective Of Their Owners?

In this post, I’m going to answer all these questions for you.

Let’s jump in…

Are Bull Terriers Good Guard Dogs

Are Bull Terriers Good Guard Dogs 

Bull terriers are an amazing dog breed that has proven to be one of the best guard dog breeds. This should not come as a surprise, given their courage and devotion to their masters. They are active, energetic, and stubborn, which makes them perfect for guarding your home and property.

Did you know that the Bull Terrier was first trained to be a fighting dog? 

This dog has a heavy, muscular build and is strong and fearless. At the same time, it doesn’t usually start a fight or get aggressive without any reason.

If a stranger enters your house, the Bull Terrier would try to alert you by barking. If it feels threatened, its aggressive side may come out. 

However, with good training, you can teach your dog the difference between threatening and non-threatening situations.

The Bull Terrier is an intelligent dog and is quick to learn from its owner. 

Plus, it is naturally very protective of its owner and family. So, you can count on it as an excellent guard dog.

Are Bull Terriers Dangerous?

Are Bull Terriers dangerous

We cannot answer this question with a simple yes or no. Bull Terriers do have a bad reputation for being super aggressive. 

They are often included among the most dangerous dog breeds as well. 

But the bull terrier is actually affectionate and loving when raised in a healthy environment. 

This is because Bull Terriers need early training and interaction with other dogs and people. 

Without grooming from a young age, they can be dangerous. 

Many people believe that the Bull Terrier is not a good option for first-time dog owners.  

If and when they attack, they can become very aggressive

As an owner, you must make a proper effort to raise a calm and friendly dog. 

Are Bull Terriers The Strongest Dog?

The Bull Terrier is an extremely tough and strong dog. But you might be wondering if it’s the strongest dog in the world.

Actually, there are some dog breeds that are even stronger than a Bull Terrier.

For instance, the American Pit Bull Terrier, Doberman, and the Rottweiler.

Still, Bull Terriers do count as one of the strongest dogs as they are quite powerful. 

Are Bull Terriers Protective Of Their Owners?

Are Bull Terriers Good Guard Dogs?

Bull Terriers are extremely protective of their family, food, territory, and even their toys. 

When strangers are around, they become even keener on protecting their people.  

They usually form a close bond with their owner which makes them even more loyal. If you want a true companion, the Bull Terrier may be the one. 

Bull Terrier Bite Force

You probably don’t want to imagine a real scenario where your Bull Terrier bites someone. 

But you might want to know how strong their bite really is! 

After all, the Bull Terrier is among the top 20 dogs with the most powerful bites.

We can find out the strength in a Bell Terrier’s jaw by measuring its bite force. 

The Bull Terrier has a bite force of around 269 (PSI) pounds per square inch. The PSI is a scale used to measure the amount of pressure of a bite, on a specific surface area.

The damage of a Bull Terrier’s bite can be mild or severe. 

If the dog was extremely angry, frightened, or provoked, its bite can go deep into the skin. Sometimes, the bite can be lethal. 

Do Bull Terriers Turn On Their Owners?

are bull terriers good attack dogs

No, Bull Terriers never turn on their owners. 

So, you don’t have to worry about them turning their back on you. They love their owner and grow to become very attached to them. 

When trained, they are generally obedient and will listen to your commands.

However, they do have a stubborn side. They can choose to do what they want and sometimes won’t follow orders blindly. 

In this situation, you must be assertive and calm towards him. 

You can train him to listen by offering treats and rewards for obedient behavior.

Bull Terrier Temperament

are bull terriers good protection dogs

It’s important to know the temperament of Bull Terriers, so you can understand your pet better. 

This will also allow you to train them in the right way. 

Sweet-natured, silly, and loving. These are some of the best qualities of the Bull Terrier. And they are pretty intelligent, too. 

For your Bull Terrier’s wonderful nature to shine, socialization is key.

This means your pet dog must spend lots of time with other people, dogs, and animals in the early stages of its life. 

Fighting other dogs is literally in their genes as their ancestors were trained to do so. 

But today, this dog breed is much gentler and can be taught not to be aggressive. 

Bull Terriers are gentle, loyal, and playful. They are also independent thinkers and are very self-confident. 

You’ll find they are a treat to be around and make great family dogs.

Are Bull Terriers Good With Kids?

Bull Terriers absolutely love to play and can be goofy and fun with children. 

Older children who know how to handle dogs can easily spend time with them. 

However, we don’t recommend having Bull Terriers in a house with very young children.

This is not due to aggression towards kids. Rather, this dog breed can become so over-enthusiastic during play that it becomes clumsy or rough.

You must be extremely watchful when Bull Terriers are around small children. They can easily knock them over or hurt them by accident.

So, it is better to avoid having a Bull Terrier in your home, especially if you have younger siblings. 

Are Bull Terriers Good With Other Dogs?

is bull terrier a good guard dog

If you’re getting a Bull Terrier, it should be the only dog in your home.

Bull Terriers naturally don’t get along well with other dogs. They don’t always get aggressive, especially if you have trained them. 

But they can quickly get into a fight and will not tolerate an ill-mannered dog.

It is important to never keep the Bull Terrier with another dog of the same sex. 

They are very territorial about their owner, food, and toys, so sharing will be an issue for them. 

Friendliness towards humans and dogs is a completely different concept. And the Bull Terrier is definitely not your most dog-friendly option. 

What Problems Do Bull Terriers Have?

You should be prepared for all the problems you might have to face if you decide to own a Bull Terrier. 

Here are some important factors to consider:

Can be stubborn 

Bull Terriers are demanding dogs, especially if we compare them to easier breeds like Labradors or Golden Retrievers. 

Sometimes, they can challenge you when you try to control them. This means they require a solid leader to be obedient and well-mannered.

High Physical Needs 

The Bull Terrier is a high-energy dog. This means you will have to give them lots of playtime and exercise. 

Don’t expect them to sleep on your couch for hours!

Intense play sessions are also important for Bull Terriers. 

They need to let out all their energy in a positive way. They love going on walks and playing games as they are energetic.

If you are active and outdoorsy, the Bull Terrier is right for you. But if you’re more into staying in and watching Netflix in your free time, you might want to reconsider.

Hates being alone 

One problem with the Bull Terrier’s nature is that they don’t like being alone. 

In fact, being completely alone can make them anxious and destructive. They prefer having a family member close at all times.

Tolerance to Cold Weather

The Bull Terrier has a short coat which makes it hard for the dog to live in cold climates. 

It does enjoy going outside in the cold for short periods of time. But it cannot live outside in cold, harsh weather.

You would want to get a sweater or jacket for your Bull Terrier during the winter season. 

Health Issues

You should also know that Bull Terriers are naturally at risk for some health issues. 

This includes heart problems, knee problems, as well as kidney problems. Deafness and eye problems can also be a concern. 

Although the Bull Terrier is a healthy breed, they can also get infections or allergies. You must take them to a vet every year for regular checkups. 

Final ThoughtsIs A Bull Terrier A Good Guard Dog

You are now full of knowledge when it comes to the Bull Terrier, its temperament, needs, and possible problems. 

Overall, this is an amazing dog breed with some super cool qualities.

You must think about all these factors and then decide if a Bull Terrier is the right pet dog for you.

When considering it as your future guard dog, also think of your own temperament. 

Remember to consider your family, as well as your own abilities in taking care of this dog. 

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