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How To Make A German Shepherd Muscular

How To Make A German Shepherd Muscular (Slim To Strong)

Hey there!  German shepherds are the best! They are known to be powerful, loyal, and extremely intelligent.  But did you know that building muscle for your german shepherd is vital for their overall health and fitness? Not only that, but muscle growth can help them perform physically demanding tasks.  In this guide, I will show […]

Short German Shepherd Quotes

31 Short German Shepherd Quotes (That Are T-Shirt Worthy)

Hey there! In this post, I’ve rounded up some short, funny, and inspiring German Shepherd quotes so you can get the best quotes all In one place. If you have a German Shepherd or appreciate the breed, these quotes will surely make you smile.  They indeed highlight the German Shepherd’s courage, intelligence, and strength.  So, […]

Are Newfoundlands Good Guard Dogs

Are Newfoundlands Good Guard Dogs (Protective Or Lap Dog?)

Big and fluffy! Newfoundlands are great at stealing the spotlight with their cuteness. It’s no surprise that Newfoundlands have won over the hearts of many, including my own. I have done a lot of research about these beautiful breeds. And found some popular questions that I will answer for you today.  In this article, I […]

Do German shepherds need blankets

Do German Shepherds Need Blankets? (With Tips)

If you are wondering, do german shepherds need blankets? It is a brilliant question. Indeed many pet owners are always worried about keeping their pets warm and cozy during the cold months. To quickly answer your question, German shepherds don’t need a blanket. German Shepherds are known for having thick, double-layered coats. They love the cold […]


Are Bullmastiffs Good Guard Dogs? (Expert Opinion)

There is no surprise that you are interested in this breed. Bullmastiffs are known for their muscular and powerful appearance. However, Do they make a good guard dog? Yes, bullmastiffs do make good guard dogs. They are known for their protective nature, impressive strength, intimidating size, loyalty to their family, and they are fearless. Bullmastiffs […]

Can German Shepherds Eat Raw Meat

Can German Shepherds Eat Raw Meat? Pros & Cons

Just like any other dog, GSDs can eat raw meat. Not only do they love the taste, but it also gives them a sense of joy. However, Is it ok, to feed your German shepherd raw meat? Some dogs are ok eating raw meat, while others are sensitive to different types of meats and foods. […]