Are Cane Corso Good Guard Dogs? (All Questions Answered)

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Are Cane Corso good guard dogs?

For many people choosing the right dog to be a family dog and a protector is very important.

So, In this post, we will analyze everything about the Cane Corso’s and solve the most frequent doubts about this breed to help you determine if it would be the ideal guard dog for your family.

Are Cane Corso Good Guard Dogs?

Are Cane Corso Good Guard Dogs?

Yes, the Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff are excellent guard dogs. They are the perfect companion to ward off possible intruders. Also, are very loyal, sweet, affectionate dogs, and were originally bred to hunt, guard, and protect.

This dog literally carries the word guardian in his name. Cane Corso, Cane is Italian for the dog, and Corso relates to the Latin cohors, “guardian.”1

He has a rational side that makes him analyze any situation, he knows what his role is and what his responsibilities are, and only intervenes when he feels it is necessary to protect his own, otherwise, he will remain calm but alert.

He does not disperse or entertain himself with anything, he never shows any tendency to escape or run away, and he always stays close to the house, controlling everything that happens around him.

Will A Cane Corso Attack An Intruder?

The Cane Corsican is a good guard dog but this does not mean that he is aggressive.

This dog is suspicious of all strangers, but will not instinctively attack, unless, as mentioned above, he or his family feels threatened.

They will generally put everyone on alert and they will growl at the stranger and use their loudest and most powerful bark. But they will give the intruder enough time to leave. 

The protective instinct of these dogs does not mean that they cannot be taken by the owner in public places or that they cannot live with other families.

They know how to distinguish friends from enemies; they analyze the situation well and only react when they are sure of the danger.

In addition, they will not start a fight, although they will not run away from one either. Their behavior will depend to a great extent on the education they are given.

However, it is a proportionally balanced dog.

Does Cane Corsos Get Attached To One Person?

They are quite strong and independent dogs but they need to create a close relationship with their owner, with their family, they need contact and presence. 

If they are left alone for a long time and are not given enough affection they may feel sad and depressed.

It is normal for them to follow their owner everywhere and be curious about what he is doing.

Although the Cane Corso is quite dominant with great strength of will, he will respect a confident and consistent owner.

So as an owner, you need to appreciate a dog that will want to spend a lot of time with you and dedicate yourself to his education. 

They should see their owners as firm and consistent leaders as they, because of their personality, will take their own lead.

Are Cane Corso Dangerous To Their Owners?

As you may have already noticed, these dogs are not dangerous or aggressive, they have a balanced temperament that knows when to act and who to protect.

But it is all about breeding, socialization, good training, and a lot of leadership from their owner.

Because of their strength and size, they need to have a firm and experienced owner to guide them in a natural way showing leadership and consistency. It is clear that this is not a dog suitable for every type of owner. 

Do not encourage aggression through games, objects, or people, and stop the signs of aggression as soon as you see them, especially in the puppy stage and you can be sure that the Cane Corsican will not try to attack its owner.

Can a Cane Corso Good Guard Dogs?

When Does Cane Corsos Become Protective?

The Cane Corso is protective by nature, showing this quality from puppyhood. 

Formerly in Italy, they were used to guard and guard the corrals.

Merchants taught them to defend the owner and the purse with the money (which was often hung around the dog’s neck) while farmers used them to hunt wild boar and to keep control of the livestock.

Therefore, working and protecting is in their nature.

These dogs were asked to be kind to the family but to be a guardian of those with bad intentions, hence the balanced temperament we have been talking about.

Today they still work as faithful guardians in many regions of Italy.

Do Cane Corsos Need Protection Training?

Yes, even if they have the protective instinct in their blood, they still need training.

The training of this breed is elementary, it will depend on it to be able to adapt to any environment, to have good behavior, and to develop correctly its work as a guard dog.

A continuous and effective training practice will result in a friendly and disciplined animal.

Otherwise, if the Cane Corso is not trained, they will become distrustful, rebellious, and possibly aggressive animals.

It is important to start their education from 3 weeks of life until week 12 in their puppy socialization stage, where they will be taught to inhibit the bite and socialize with other animals and people, fundamental lessons that will shape their personality and behavior as an adult.

Basic obedience training will prevent them from becoming the boss of the house, and it is quite easy for them to follow these commands as they are quick learners and very intelligent.

Are Cane Corsos Military Dogs?

With good training and personality, the Cane Corso can work as a military dog. In fact, it was used during periods of war to fulfill various military functions2. 

Among them, they protected the camps, accompanied the soldiers, and used their hunting skills to bring food. So, the responsibility of keeping the lives of the men in battle safe fell on the shoulders of these dogs.

Nowadays, the main function of the Cane Corso is a guard dog, but with their characteristics, they can perform as police dogs, military dogs, watchdogs, and more.

Are Female Cane Corso Good Guard Dogs?

Are Female Cane Corso Good Guard Dogs?

Although the females of this breed are a little smaller than the males, they will also perform perfectly in their job as a guard dog. 

Both males and females have a similar character, however.

Females are recommended for first-time Cane Corso owners, as they have a gentler and calmer nature.

They are also more suitable for people who have difficulty with dominance and authority.

In addition, females from 7 to 8 months of age begin to develop their protective instinct and guard dog temperament making perimeters in their territory.

Are Cane Corso Good Family Dogs?

Although they have a strong appearance, large size, and stocky build, in truth these dogs make excellent family dogs.

They form a bond with the family but are more inclined to be more loyal to those they consider more vulnerable such as children and the elderly. Creating a very strong bond by dedicating themselves to caring for and protecting them. 

Even so, due to their large size and strength, it is always recommended that they are not left alone with younger children to avoid any accidents.

Cane Corsos are quite affectionate and docile, they enjoy being included in family activities and on occasions surrounded by family and friends will show their silly and playful side.

They live for their family so much that they can develop bad behavior if left alone too much. 

Are Cane Corsos Good With Other Dogs?

The Cane Corsos can get along well with other dogs or cats if they have been raised with them, so there will be no problem if you have more than one pet at home. 

Although it is likely to see strange animals in other environments as possible prey and want to hunt them. For this reason puppy, socialization is important.

Cane Corso Pros And Cons

  • Socialization, education, compulsory exercise. They need a lot of attention and discipline in their education so that they do not become destructive or aggressive.
  • They have a number of hereditary health problems and are likely to live between 9 and 11 years.
  • The Cane Corso because of its large size and weight is not recommended to live in small places.
  • Legal liabilities. Being such a large and strong dog has bred bans in some states or countries, insurance problems, and public perception.

Final Thoughts

Corsican dogs are the complete package, the loving family dog, balanced, intelligent, and a loyal guard dog willing to protect his family.

However, it is not a dog for everyone. 

This is a powerful breed that needs a lot of discipline. In every family, there must be a relative who is the leader, strong and disciplined to bring order and guide them, and who has time to invest in their education from puppyhood.

Otherwise, the Cane Corso could easily feel independent and make their own decisions. But if you meet all the requirements and are looking for a loving guard dog, the Cane Corso is an excellent choice.

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