Are Labradoodles Good Guard Dogs? (Solved!)

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Labradoodles have rapidly gained popularity in recent years.

They are a working breed, a mix of a Labrador and a poodle; they are intelligent and sociable dogs with a character suitable for different roles such as guide dog, therapy dog, a family dog, and more. 

But, are Labradoodles good guard dogs?

What kind of temperament do they have?

Are they protective or can they be aggressive? 

In this post, we will answer these and many more questions about the labradoodle and determine if it is the ideal type of guard dog for you and your family.

Are Labradoodles Good Guard Dogs?

Are Labradoodles Good Guard Dogs?

Generically speaking, Labradoodles are dogs that were bred to be friendly and gentle, especially because of their parents’ heritage. Labradors are friendly dogs that are not good guard dogs.

Their friendly appearance may make many think otherwise, but Labradoodles have excellent protective and communication instincts. 

They alert with courage when they perceive danger and, with good training, you get a watchful and attentive dog in any situation. 

If they are trained from puppyhood and develop a protective instinct depending on the relationship with their owner or trainer, they can perform well in their work as any dog that is trained to be a good watchdog.

But, if you are looking for a dog that will run after intruders, instill fear, bark at strangers, attack, and risk your life, the truth is that this breed is too gentle for those tasks compared to other guard dogs.

can labradoodles be guard dogs

Are Labradoodles Aggressive Dogs?

The Labradoodle was bred not to be aggressive, although of course this also depends on several factors, such as his upbringing, training, and whether or not he was properly socialized as a puppy.

Also, being such an energetic dog, he can develop bad behavior if he does not receive enough attention, exercise, and physical and mental stimulation.

Can You Train The Labradoodle To Guard And Protect?

In theory, any dog, regardless of breed, can be trained to be a guard dog, but physical and mental characteristics play a crucial role in determining whether a dog will be a good guard dog or not.

At the same time, a guard dog with a natural instinct, such as German Shepherds, Dobermans, or Rottweilers must have at least some level of aggression in the face of possible threats and be prepared to attack when necessary. 

Labradors and poodles are not usually used as guard dogs for several reasons, including their low level of aggression, they were bred to be friendly dogs and perform other types of work.

However, a Labradoodle is a good guard dog if well trained from puppyhood, using to its advantage its ability to learn, it may not attack as hard as other dogs, but it will alert and protect its family.

do labradoodles make good guard dogs

Labradoodle Temperament

The Labradoodle is generally a dog with a balanced temperament and good energy to serve as an assistance, guard, or therapy dog. 

They are friendly and accept and treat everyone as their best friend, are devoted to their family, and enjoy life as an energetic companion.

They are cheerful, gentle, and calm, although there will always be variations depending on heredity, training, and socialization. 

Each Labradoodle is a unique individual with its own quirks and mannerisms, some of which may be passed down from its parents. 

The temperaments of the first-generation Doodle are especially difficult to predict, but later generations seem to act more like Labradors.

Are Labradoodles Smart?

Absolutely. In fact, it is thanks to their intelligence, loyalty, and ability to learn quickly, they are easy to train and perform different tasks as working dogs and assistance dogs for people with different disabilities.

Besides their parents, both the poodle and the Labrador are always on the lists of the most intelligent dogs, where they also stand out for having a good temperament. 

But they are very energetic and will need to burn all that energy to avoid bad behaviors such as excessive chewing.

Do Labradoodles Bark Excessively?

If the labradoodle is a good guard dog, perhaps the barking is part of his training. 

But, generally, no, Labradors can be categorized among the breeds that barkless and poodles are considered moderate barkers. 

Therefore, we can expect similar behaviors from Labradoodles, however, in enclosed spaces and without proper stimulation they can develop not only chewing problems but also barking problems. 

But, it is an easily avoidable and correctable behavior.

But it’s not all about stimulation and exercise, to keep your labradoodle well-behaved, it also needs good maintenance.

Are Labradoodles High Maintenance?

do labradoodles make good guard dogs

In general, Labradoodles have moderate maintenance, not very different from the maintenance of any other breed. 


The labradoodle has 3 different types of coats and normally does not shed excessively, but its care is important in any case. 

Their coat is also easily matted and soiled, which can make them uncomfortable and spread dirt around the house.

It is best to brush it weekly (although it is preferable to do it daily) and trim it at least twice a year. 


Trim its nails weekly and clean its ears, ears, and eyes with a wet wipe and bathe it every 3 weeks or when it is very dirty.  


Brush your Labradoodle’s teeth with a pet toothbrush and toothpaste at least once a week. 


They need a balanced diet of the best possible quality. 

They have food tastes more similar to poodles, these dogs prefer diets that are rich in protein and polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as fish and poultry. 

You can get products in supermarkets and pet stores based on these nutrients. As you will see it is moderate maintenance as for any other dog.

What Are The Downsides Of Owning A Labradoodle?

Although they are protective, loyal, friendly, very intelligent, and relatively easy to keep, Labradoodles also have certain disadvantages that you should take into account before taking one home.


The crossbreeding that represents the labradoodle is what gives it that beautiful appearance and balanced temperament we mentioned. 

However, these crossbreeds also bring disadvantages, for example

  • It is difficult to predict their adult size.
  • They are too energetic for quiet families or people who work to control the excess energy of this dog can be a little more complicated.
  • They may develop health problems such as hip dysplasia, eye disease, epilepsy, and kidney disease, which are found in many breeds.

Although according to the Australian Labrador Association of America, these dogs are considered to be quite healthy.

  • They can be more expensive than purebred. With all the interest in “designer dogs”, Labradoodles can cost more than other purebred dogs. 

Even double the price of their parents depending on the breeder, size, and color of the dog as well as other factors.

Their Intelligence Makes Them Disrespectful

Being intelligent and energetic makes Labradoodles restless when they are puppies. 

Unruly adult Labradoodles often jump on people and children, and although they do not mean to and are unlikely to bite, this behavior must be corrected in time with proper training.

They Are Very Self-Confident.

This is actually not a bad thing, however, it is a disadvantage when your Labradoodle thinks he is the leader of the family and does not want to follow orders or take over your couch or bed.

For these reasons you must make it clear to him that you are in charge and he must obey you.

They Can Shed A lot Of Hair.

Labradoodles are considered hypoallergenic due to the poodle genes, however, there is no guarantee that they will not shed as Labradoodles shed a lot.

So although breeders claim that these dogs are hypoallergenic there is nothing to confirm this, unless it is a cross between a poodle and a labradoodle where the dog’s genetics would be about 70-30 in favor of the poodle.

Not Recognized By The AKC And UKC.

Australian Labradoodles are not officially recognized as a breed. There are still other organizations that do recognize them such as the Australian Labrador Association of America, the American Canine Association, the American Canine Hybrid Club, and the Designer Breed Registry.

However, none of these disadvantages are reasons to choose another dog, they are simply information that you should take into account when adopting, so you know which dog you are taking home. 

The reality is that Labradoodles are cheerful and intelligent dogs that have many advantages to be chosen as family dogs.

Final Thoughts- Do Labradoodles make good watchdogs?

Labradoodles are good watchdogs. They will be attentive to protect those they love and with whom they have made a strong bond.

Well-trained all dogs can be a good watchdog, and the labradoodle is no exception.

 It is a dog that may not have as natural a guarding instinct as other dogs but it learns easily, and with good training will do its job well.

They have a great sense of loyalty and a good temperament so you will not see them being aggressive towards strangers, which is expected of good guard dogs but this is not all bad.

Although they may be a little nobler than other guard dogs, this also has its advantages. 

For example, with Labradoodles, you will have the confidence to let them share with the little ones at home without feeling any risk of possible aggression or death.

And yet thanks to their training, they will not hesitate to keep their family protected and alert to any danger.

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