About Us


Thanks for visiting our dog website BestWatchDog.com

Hi, I’m Justin the creator of this site.

So, allow me to properly introduce myself. And, share a bit more about my story.

I’m from Texas (that state down south with the funny accents!) And I have a passion for protection dogs.

That’s me in the picture above with my Doberman. Her name is Panda.

Kind of a weird name for a Doberman right?

My daughter decided on that name. But after 5 years I got used to it.

Panda is the best decision I ever made. She is my family member and friend.

But when I decided to get a guard dog, I quickly found out how difficult it was to know exactly what type to get.

So, I conducted a ton of research to find out which dog was perfect for my home. I was looking for something that was a good protector that can keep my home safe but was also a perfect family companion.

My search wasn’t easy. There are thousands of dogs breeds out there, each with their own unique characteristics.

Such as, coat type, temperament, sex, and size. Not to mention, all the false information I’ve found from other websites.

So, after extensive research, I found out about Dobermans. And the rest is history.

Furthermore, I decided to start this site as a way to give back the information I acquired on my search for the perfect guard dog.

After I purchased my Doberman, there were several things I learned that could have made the process easier and more fun.

So, If you’re on the market and looking for a new pup, or already have had a guard dog for years, Bestwatchdog.com is here to help anyone with training tips, info on any breed, dog health, and any other questions about protection dogs.

Either way, I’m inviting you to check out our blog section. You will find a collection of many useful posts there. And it is also a place where you can bark out some laughs. You can also contact us with any questions you might have.