5 Best Guard Dogs For Coyotes (Updated 2022)

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Are you wondering what is the best guard dog to keep coyotes away from your home and livestock?

If you discover that there are some coyotes roaming around near your property, the best thing you can do is have a good dog to keep them away. 

For more than 2,000 years, watchdogs have helped protect livestock and humans from some of the most dangerous predators like coyotes.

It is a very effective solution and above all, you will keep the coyotes at a distance without damaging them. 

But beware, not all dogs are suitable for this.

There are certain breeds that, due to their characteristics, are naturally capable of doing this task without running so much danger. 

You have to choose wisely which one will be your guardian dog.

That’s why in this article I will tell you which are the best dogs to protect against coyotes. 

Best Guard Dogs For Coyotes

5 Best Guard Dogs For Coyotes

These are the top 5 that will Protect You Against Coyotes. Each of them has different characteristics and abilities that you can know below so that you can choose which will be the best guard dog for you! 

1. Alabai 

5 Best Guard Dogs For Coyotes

The Alabai dog (or Alabai Shepherd Turkmen) is originally from Central Asia. This breed was nicknamed by the Russians as Volkodav which means wolf hunter, so now you can imagine how good it is at driving away coyotes. 

It is a large dog but very calm and affectionate with its family and even with other animals, as long as it does not feel that they are threatening its territory. 

It needs very large spaces to be able to develop well and develop its guardian instinct. 

Like all dogs, it needs training, although by itself it will know how to let the coyotes know that this is his territory and that they should not approach.

  • Lifespan: 12 – 15 years 
  • Weight: Males can weigh between 55-79 kg 
  • Females can weigh between 40 and 65 kg. 
  • Height: Males can be between 65 and 78 cm tall 
  • Females can measure between 60 and 69 cm 
  • Price: Approximately $700 


They are independent, obedient, and non-aggressive dogs unless there is a reason to be unflappable, fearless and adaptable. 


May suffer damage to the hip over time, a condition typical of large breeds. 

2. The Šarplaninac 

Best Guard Dogs To Protect You Against Coyotes

The Šarplaninac is a sheepdog native to the Balkan region, it is large, robust, and has a strong constitution.

It is an easy dog to train because it likes to learn new things, making it a great option if you haven’t trained dogs before. 

It is primarily a guard dog, although it is known as a typical sheepdog.

Something you should keep in mind is that if the Sarplaninac is trained for defense, he will need a calm and firm person who does not transmit any kind of nervousness, since being a super reactive dog he could develop aggressive behavior. 

  • Lifespan: 11 – 13 years 
  • Weight: Males can weigh between 35-45 kg 
  • Females can weigh between 30-40 kg. 
  • Height: Males can be between 56 and 62 cm tall 
  • Females can be between 54 and 58 cm 
  • Price: $1500 – $2000 USD 


One of the best things about this breed and that surprises the owners is that it never barks for no reason! So if you don’t like barking all day, consider having a Sarplaninac.


They are dominant and very intelligent dogs, which can make them somewhat stubborn. 

3. Kangal 

 best dog breeds to be guardians of coyotes

Known as the Turkish dog, this breed originates from the Sivas province, Turkey.

It is one of the largest canines, it is a robust and muscular animal which makes it very imposing, its appearance will be enough to keep most of the coyotes away. 

He is also considered the strongest dog in the world, so if a coyote decides to confront him, he will have very few opportunities.

They have constant watchful behavior, which is why, as pets, they tend to be excessively overprotective. 

Aggression is not a common aspect in the canines of this breed.

However, faced with the perception of attacks or other events that he considers dangerous, they will not hesitate to take action. 

They are a very patient dog, so he is very good at dealing with children.

But, it is recommended to keep a permanent watch if there are children in the home. 

He adapts easily to the presence of other pets, even more so if it frequently lives with them.

  • Life expectancy: 10-13 years 
  • Weight: Males can weigh between 48 and 60 kg 
  • Females can weigh between 40 and 50 kg. 
  • Height: Males can be between 73 and 78 cm tall. 
  • Females can measure between 70 and 73 cm. 
  • Price: Around 1,300 dollars


Although it can be intimidating due to its large size, it is generally shown as a friendly, affectionate, protective and loyal breed to its owners. 


It is a difficult breed to find since Turkey has decided to prohibit its export. Even so, there are still some hatcheries outside of this country.

4. Irish wolfhound 

 Guard Dogs For Coyotes

This breed of dog is one of the oldest on record, its origins date back to 279 BC. C, and it is said that the Celts made them hunters of boars, wolves, and elk, so he will have no problem scaring off a few coyotes. 

Ideal to be a family dog, but it needs wide spaces to release its energy. It is a dog attached to its owner and balanced with a natural tracking and herding instinct. 

  • Life expectancy: 7 -11 years 
  • Weight: Males can weigh between 54-65 kg 
  • Females can weigh between 40 and 50 kg. 
  • Height: Males can be between 79 and 100 cm tall 
  • Females can measure between 71 and 90 cm 
  • Price: Around $1000-1400 


They are smart and have noble character. They are probably the friendliest on the list, so much so that they are known as “gentle giants.” 


They have a predisposition to developing diseases such as gastric torsion, cardiomyopathies, progressive retinal atrophy, hip dysplasia, or bone diseases. 

5. The Dogo Argentino 

Best Guard Dog For a Coyote

The Dogo Argentino is the smallest on the list, it may not be as big as the previous dogs, but it is very muscular, athletic, and has a very powerful bite. 

It is characterized by being polite, affectionate beyond measure, playful and balanced character, a dog that will develop strong bonds with anyone it considers to be from its family and whom it will defend tooth and nail if circumstances require it. 

What makes this breed so good against coyotes is its zero fear and its imperturbability.

  • Lifespan: 10 – 12 years 
  • Weight: Males can weigh between 40-45 kg 
  • Females can weigh between 35 and 40 kg 
  • Height: Males can be between 60 and 68 cm tall
  • Females can measure between 60 and 65 cm 
  • Price: $ 900-1,300 



Its fine coat makes it poorly tolerant to cold and it can also suffer burns if it is exposed too much to the sun. It also pulls a lot of hair. 

How To Choose A Guard Dog Against Coyotes

Now you know which are some of the best breeds of dogs to protect yourselves from coyotes, but of course, they are not the only ones.

If none of these breeds is the one you had in mind, here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing your guard dog against coyotes. 

● It has to be a big dog, otherwise, the coyotes could see it as prey and not as a threat. 

● You must have a protective instinct by nature, coyotes are wild animals so the dog that faces them should not hesitate to do their job or it could go wrong. 

● Must have a temperate character, a nervous or fearful dog may not act in the correct way if it detects coyotes. 

● It must be good at following orders, what you are looking for is a dog that can walk loose without posing a risk to anyone other than intruders. 

● When choosing who will be your guard dog, it is important that you take into account the size of your property since as you can see in the list above there are some breeds that need a lot of space to develop correctly. 

Dog Breeds To Protect You Against Coyotes FAQ 

What Is the Best Breed Of Dog To Hunt Coyotes? 

There are several breeds that are capable of hunting and killing coyotes, the most popular for this are the Alabai, the Šarplaninac, and the Kangal.

But remember that you should not hunt coyotes unless they pose a threat that you cannot otherwise control. 

The dogs’ job should first be to keep them off your property.

Coyotes help control rodent populations and are an important part of the ecosystem, hunting them could negatively alter the balance. 

If you feel that coyotes threaten your property or your family, you will first try to keep them away or consult the appropriate authorities. 

Does Dog Poop Attract Coyotes? 

Yes, so you must be cautious. Coyotes can smell your dog’s feces and believe that there is food nearby, so try to regularly pick up your pets’ feces, that will be enough not to attract them. 

Other things that attract coyotes to your property are fallen fruit and garbage cans. 

Will A Whistle Scare A Coyote? 

It’s a possibility, if the whistle is loud enough it could scare the coyote away. Coyotes are shy and scaring them with sudden noises can discourage them from attacking.

Doing movements with your arms can also help. 

Do Large Dogs Deter Coyotes? 

Yes, but this is not always the case. Coyotes do not usually seek confrontation with large dogs, but if they do attack them, it is not enough for a dog to be large to be able to face a coyote, it has to have a natural instinct for protection and attack to have a chance against a coyote. 

Also, normally coyotes do not act alone, but in a herd, which is a disadvantage for dogs. No matter what dog it is, there is always a risk that it will be harmed in a coyote attack. 

What To Do if I Meet a Coyote? 

Coyote attacks on humans are rare and uncommon, but if you are approached by a coyote, this is what you should do. 

● Make and maintain eye contact with the animal. 

● If you are with your small pet, tie or put it in your arms. 

● Scream, whistle, or make as much noise as you can 

● Move your arms up and down so that you appear taller, not as if you were going to attack him.

● Throw to the coyote a stone or something you have near. 

● If with the above the coyote does not withdraw, walk away calmly. 

Other ways to keep coyotes off your property and drive them away. 

Coyotes are wild animals that fulfill a function in their ecosystem, if they approach the human population it is due to lack of food or because their territory is increasingly reduced with the growth of human settlements. 

The ecological importance of the coyote in the environment is very wide; It is a regulator of rodent populations and an important seed disperser, so its role in the reforestation of the forest is very important. So hurting them should be your last option. 

There Are Also Other Things You Can Try To Keep Coyotes Off Your Property

Things that scare coyotes away: 

1.- Use fences: It must be at least 6 feet tall and reach the ground. Coyotes are good at avoiding obstacles, you must take that into account when setting up your fence. 

2.- Make Noise: It can be a whistle or hit some pots. Coyotes are easily startled by noises they don’t recognize, but they have to be loud enough. 

3.- Keep your property clean. Use closed or anti-bear garbage cans and don’t leave your pets’ feces on the ground. 

4.- Call a professional or contact the corresponding authority. This is always a good and easy option if you have detected that there are coyotes prowling your property. 

Now you know that you have many options to keep coyotes away from you, your livestock, and your family.

If you follow these tips, you will find a suitable guard dog and you will not have to worry about coyotes anymore.

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