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Power, agility, protection. These dogs, represent an enormous amount of power.

And, with that being said, if you are wondering, which is the best guard dog for beginners or first-time owners?

I have created a list of breeds, that could help you make the best decision.

And, although there are several that range from a variety of sizes and breeds, and can be used for guarding. There are only a few that are less stubborn and easy to train.

Below, you will find 3 of the best breeds.

Also, I broke down their abilities, body description, price to purchase, etc. And, which one is the top guard dog for beginners.

Best Guard Dogs For Beginners

Best Guard Dog For Beginners

Although, many of these guard dogs are very loving and sweet. They are not just pets. They tend to be aggressive.

So, they need special work and training. Furthermore, any guard dog needs a leader.

So, If you are not planning on using this dog for guarding. It will probably not be a good idea to own one. Since, if not given proper training and leadership, could hurt you or your loved ones.

Guard dogs represent a tremendous amount of power.

Whether you are looking for them to protect your property or family. They can definitely, do that and more to keep you safe for many years to come.

Certainly, being a first-time owner can be exciting and also scary. But, don’t worry.

With the right training, any dog could be a success for first-time owners.

It all depends if you are willing to spend lots of hours, loving and training your new guard dog.


It is recommended to always hire a professional to help you get all the insight that you need. And teach you, how to command your dog.

Once that is put in place, you won’t have to worry about them growing with bad behaviors.

Best Guard Dog For Beginners

1. Doberman Pinscher

Although, Dobermans are very powerful and intimidating when it comes to protecting.

These are NOT vicious dogs. In no way this dog will attempt to hurt its family or owner. They are one of the most loyal and obedient dogs, of all the breeds.

Even though they have a gentle heart, the Doberman breed is a true guardian. It will be by your side whatever you go.

Certainly, these dogs possess a high level of intelligence. It knows when to go on protective mode, and it will never turn on you.

Furthermore, Dobermans will never try to start a fight with anyone. You will never have to worry about it growling to strangers, or dogs on the street, while you walk it on a leash.

This dog is very educated, calm, and collected. It will only attack when it senses a threat. And, it will always listen to its owner’s commands.

I have included, some more interesting YouTube videos with more facts to know.

Lifespan: 10-13 years

Weight 65-110lbs. Depending on the breed. Europeans Doberman tends to be larger than standard Doberman.

Height: 26-28″

Hypoallergenic: no

Origin Germany

Temperament: calm, protective, alert, obedient, loyal, confident, brave, intelligent, energetic.

Color: black, brown, white, blue-gray, red, and most have a solid color with rust-brown body spots.

Price: 900-5000 depending on the breed line and pedigree rank. European Dobermans tend to be more expensive. Some Dobermans can cost over $35,000.


Dobermans are very energetic dogs. And, some of them have sensitive stomachs. That’s why I recommend Victor’s grain-free food.

Healthy food makes them less anxious. Because, it gives them a fuller stomach, and avoids them getting diarrheas and stomachache.


Dobermans can be great with kids. If you are planning on spending time training it. And, giving it love and socialization, you are up for a great start.

But, if you planning on living these dogs in a cage most of the time, and not giving it proper social behavior, it will not be the best dog for your family or any guard dog for that matter.

2. Boxer:

Playful, highly energetic, and loving. You are up for a great start when it comes to owning a boxer. Although, they like to snore and drool. These dogs are very silly and have a character of their own.

They love tricks and being around their owners. However, they are not the most intelligent breed. So, when it comes to training them is not an easy task. There are not very aggressive, But, they are certainly protective and intimidating.

Nonetheless, this silly dog can quickly become an amazing guard dog. Once on protecting mode it will be fearless. And, although their teeth are not the most perfect ones, they have a bite force of around 230lbs.

Did you know that Boxers love learning new tricks? in fact, they are amazing when it comes to jumping high. I mean this is just a really happy dog.

Lifespan: 10-12 years

Weight 60-70 male dogs. Females tend to weigh about 10lbs less

Height: 22-25 inches for males. About 1 inch less for females

Hypoallergenic: No

Origin: Germany

Temperament: Playful, energetic, loving, silly, friendly.

Color: white, rust, with or without white markings

Price: 900- 3500


If not trained properly boxers can be destructive, and just very hyper. And, you can probably end up with a headache. Here is a video to give an idea.

On the other hand, a well-trained boxer can be a great companion and protector.

Best Guard Dog first-time owners

3. German Shepherd:

rated #3 smartest dog in the world. This is an all-purpose utility breed, and not to mention a hardworking dog. This dog is natural when it comes to guarding.

There is no wonder, why today the military and police use it for various purposes.

On the other hand, this breed is no couch potato, these dog needs exercise every day, and mental stimulation is required. Furthermore, they are somewhat noisy or vocal.

which means they can bark a lot or simply talk or nag.

Another pointer is their shedding. So, because it has a double coat, sheds a lot. So, everyday grooming is necessary.

Certainly, German Shepherds love learning. They are known for being easy to train. So, with good basic obedience. you would have a great dog.

Lifespan: 9-13 years

Weight: 66-88lbs for males, and about 10 lbs less for females

Height: 24-26 inches for males, and couple inches less for females.

Hypoallergenic: No

Origin: Germany

Temperament: Alert, strong, agile, confident, protective, loyal, energetic easy to train

Color: Tan with black shades. Black, white. And, some have more black than tan, and some are darker tan. Their hair also varies, some of them have long hair coats.

Price: 900-5000


Not providing proper training, can develop bad behaviors that can lead to a dominating aggressive dog.

How To Choose A Good Guard Dog For A First Time Owner:

There are several things that come into count when choosing your first guard dog. So, I have listed a few ways that can make it easier for you to choose.

Training, Breeders, size, health problems, activity level, food intake, can they stay alone, are they independent. how much they shed. These are all important questions, that could be lifesavers.

What Type Of Training Do Guard Dogs Need:

For starters, training is the beginning to have a well-mannered guard dog. And, because of that, below you will find some tips, to help you, on your journey to the training process.

-Absolutely no abuse for these dogs. No smacking, no hitting, no yelling, no teasing. It will only make them more aggressive.

-They are just like little kids, they love learning and earning rewards.

-Pay for some good obedience training.

-Give them lots of attention and love.

-Always encourage good manners and good behavior, and reward with praise and treats.

-Socialize with people and other dogs. To encourage friendly manners.

-Start training them at an early age.

-Don’t assume the dog understands your words. It will mostly understand your command through sound. And, how they sense your vibe.

Does The Breeder Matter When Choosing Your First Guard Dog:

Absolutely yes! As a first-time owner, it is important to know, that choosing a dog from a great breed line is probably one of the most important first steps to take.

Below, I included a list of items that will show you who is a responsible breeder.

-Health screening from both parents

-Health screenings for the puppy

-Is the breeder reputable and registered?

-Does the breeder give you a contract for breeding rights and show rights?

-Have the parents been loved and socialized? or have they been caged and isolated?

-Are the parents AKC registered and do they have a champion sire

All these questions are important because the personality of the puppy and aggressive demeanor will depend, on how the parents are treated.

And, It is not recommended to purchase a puppy from a parent dog that has grown up in a cage.

Some breeders are loving, and they care for their dogs. A good breeder will be sure of allowing their dogs to play, also give them love and attention.

A good breeder will take care of their diet and exercise. And, these are important to breeding good healthy puppies.

Furthermore, one should ask the question: How many times has the dog’s parents been bred. Do they have a champion sire? Are they socialized? Are they caged and isolated? all these will influence the behavior of their pups.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the top Guard Dog For first-time owners and Beginners. We have chosen Doberman pincher, Boxer, and German Shepherd. Because, they are known to be less stubborn, more obedient, and friendly.

Furthermore, if you think that there are other breeds that you want to explore, look up our other blogs with more information on each guard dog breed. There are several other breeds, But, they are more aggressive and stubborn.

There are others that can be trained to become guard dogs. But, since it doesn’t come naturally. It is not recommended.

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