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Many people buy dogs because they want more protection and security in their homes.
A guard dog, or a dog that will actually stop an invader, requires special breeding and training.

But, what about fox terriers? Are they dogs that can be dedicated to this task?

Originally the fox terrier was bred to hunt foxes and flush them out of hiding.

Today their task is different, they live as family pets and show dogs.

Although they can still be seen in the
hunting areas of the northeastern United States fulfilling their original role.

In this post, we will tell you if fox terriers are good guard dogs.

Let’s take a closer look…

Are Fox Terriers Good Guard Dogs?

Are Fox Terriers Good Guard Dogs?

Unfortunately, Fox terriers are more of a watchdog than a guard dog. They are not the best
protectors, but because of their size and openness to strangers they do not make good guard dogs.

This breed is confident and has an alert personality. You can count on your fox terrier to sound the
alarm if he hears or sees something wrong in his territory.

Although very obedient and quite destructive, as they can take great pleasure in getting his own way
when he wants to do something.

Are Fox Terriers Aggressive?

Fox terriers are not aggressive breed unless provoked, just like any other dog.

In that case, they may fight with their companions and chase away children if they do not feel respected
in their environment.

But generally, the fox terrier has a friendly temperament. And should not be aggressive. But, it can be
strong and stubborn sometimes.

That’s why for some people they may come across as arrogant, and it is important that you show

Otherwise, they will try to fill that role and present various behavioral problems, such as
becoming vicious, aggressive or even damaging things.

For this they will need to have proper socialization as a puppy and proper training.

Are Fox Terriers Loyal Dogs?

Among their friendly and charismatic temperament is also a strong loyalty to their family. There are few
things they enjoy more than being in the company of their people.

They are the epitome of a lap dog, but they love to play. They are gentle with people and get along well
with children, enjoying the entertainment they provide but can be quite independent.

Can Fox Terriers Be Left Alone?

Fox Terriers tend to form strong bonds with their owners and with anyone who gains their trust.

So, they are not very happy when left alone for long periods of time, which is why they are best suited to
people who work from home, or in households where one person stays home when everyone else is

Being left alone for long periods of time can lead them to be destructive in the home, which is how an
energetic dog like the fox terrier relieves the stress they feel and a way to entertain themselves.

Can Fox Terriers be Good Guard Dogs?

Are Fox Terriers Easy To Train?

Thanks to their highly developed intelligence, the Fox Terrier has a high natural instinct to excel in
obedience and agility competitions.

However, due to their intelligence they can be quite stubborn and follow their own ideas and instincts.

For this reason, their training should be firm and consistent to hold their attention and avoid boredom
with plenty of physical and mental stimulation.

Also, you must establish clear and consistent rules, have a sense of humor and be very patient.

As the owner you have to teach your fox terrier that you are the one who gives the orders, otherwise
you will get a dominant dog.

It is best to train them from puppyhood with basic obedience commands because of their strong
hunting instincts and their preference for digging and barking when given the opportunity.

Are Fox Terriers Intelligent?

Absolutely yes, their intelligence makes fox terriers a good watch dogs, thanks to their ability to learn and
easy training.

They pick up new behaviors quickly and easily. All you need are treats and lots of praise.

Although, due to their intelligence they have enough capacity to decide at what moment they blindly
obey you or impose their own criteria by some subtle circumstance, even if it escapes them.

So as we mentioned, physical and mental stimulation is necessary to prevent them from resorting to
destructive behaviors such as barking, chewing, digging and chasing other animals.

Do Fox Terriers Get Along With Other Dogs?

Can Fox Terriers Be Good Guard Dogs?

Fox terriers have a strong hunting instinct due to their past as fox hunters so rabbits, birds, cats and
even other dogs are common targets for these dogs.

They are strong, sometimes have a hostile character towards dogs of other breeds and get into fights
with other dogs, on their walks in the park even if they are quite a bit bigger.

That is why training is important for fox terriers to be socialized and trained to control this behavior and
to get along well with other dogs and any domestic animal in general; in case your fox terrier is not
socialized, it is best not to leave it alone with them.

It is advisable to bring them together daily with other dogs, people and animals from puppyhood, so
that he gets used to being with them and respecting them.

Are Fox Terriers Protective?

Fox terriers are not the best protectors because of their size but as mentioned earlier they do make
excellent watchdogs.

It’s because of their courageous personality. They will alert you with their bark when something
suspicious is going on around your property.

They form strong bonds with their families and will protect them if they believe a member is being
threatened in any way, and the speed with which they warn their owners about strangers is highly

These dogs can even be very protective of other dogs, cats or other pets, when they have received a
close upbringing and have affection for them.

Although very obedient and quite destructive, as Fox terriers take great pleasure in getting his own way
when he wants to do something.

Are Fox Terriers Protective?

How Much Does A Fox Terrier Puppy Cost?

Wire Fox Terrier puppies range in price from $1,500 to $3,000 2 . The cost varies greatly depending on
their location, origins, age and sex, the availability of the parents and the quality of the breeder.

The first year’s costs will be around $3,325 and the following year’s costs will be around $1,015 (or $85
per month).

The average cost of owning a Fox Terrier is $16,520 over the dog’s lifetime.
Included in these expenses are medical bills, food and treats, grooming fees, licensing and the

Medical expenses, such as a spay/neuter operation, and ancillary services, such as dog walking and
boarding, as well as pet insurance, are other charges.

The monthly budget for their upkeep after these major expenses would average $80, and already
includes quality food and medical care.

Benefits & Cons Of Owning A Fox Terrier

Expenses aside, having a fox terrier as a family dog has many benefits, here are some of them:

● Ideal for first time owners. Fox Terriers are the perfect choice for first time dog owners because
they are very friendly and people oriented, they like nothing more than to please and be in a
family environment.

● The fox terrier adapts very easily to their environment, they can live quietly in apartments or
rooms. They are as happy living in the city as they would be living in the country, as long as they
are taken out for walks and physical activity, as they are very energetic dogs.

● They are loyal and have a lot of empathy; they can even feel the mood of their owners.

● They are quite friendly, gentle with people, love to play with children and will protect them if

● They do not usually bark for hours as other breeds do, especially if well trained, unless
something unusual happens around them and they want to alert their family members.

● They are energetic dogs and great natural athletes. If you are looking for a championship level
agility companion, the fox terrier is an excellent choice.

● Generally, this breed is in good health, with no serious diseases or genetic problems.


● They can be very stubborn
● They need regular grooming. The males need to be cut monthly
● They are not the easiest to train, as they are intelligent, it will be easy to educate and train them
with positive reinforcement. And good training will make your fox terrier a good watch dog.

Final Thoughts- Can Fox Terriers Be Good Guard Dogs?

Fox terriers will alert strongly on possible intruders, but due to their size they are not intimidating as
other breeds. And are resistant, agile, energetic, always alert, and all these characteristics make fox
terriers a good watch dog.

Anyone wishing to have this breed should keep in mind that it requires dedication and has to offer their
company as old as possible.

If you are looking for an energetic dog that will keep you active, is easy to train and will get along with
both children and other pets, then you need a Fox Terrier.

However, it is important to keep in mind that they need a good education, socialization, space and a lot
of daily time to be balanced, healthy and happy pets.

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