Are English Bulldogs Good Guard Dogs? (With Facts)

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The English bulldog is becoming one of the most sought after and popular breeds for being charismatic, gentle, kind, and good companions.

Their character and personality are probably the most confusing of all dog breeds

But what always stands out about the Bulldog is their loyalty, stubbornness, their sense of protection, and their devotion to the people they love. 

But what is their temperament like?

Are English bulldogs good guard dogs? 

In this post, we will know a little more about these dogs to find out if they are ideal good guard dogs for your family.

Are English Bulldogs Good Guard Dogs?

Are English Bulldogs Good Guard Dogs?

Unfortunately No, although English Bulldogs have excellent characteristics such as great strength, loyalty, and a sense of protection, they are not as efficient as guard dogs compared to other breeds. 

This is due to several reasons, among them training them, which can be a bit difficult. They can be calm, with a good sense of humor, becoming a bit clownish and intelligent, although they are stubborn and difficult to train.

As a result, your Bulldog is likely to have difficulty learning and obeying instructions. Unlike other working dog breeds, English Bulldogs are not encouraged to do chores and will not obey commands just to please their owner. 

The English Bulldog is a little too friendly to be an excellent guard dog. However, it will protect a family member in need.

Is the Bulldog a good guard dog?

What Are Bulldogs Good For?

Originally, the Bulldog was used to drive cattle to market and participate in the deadly sport of bullbaiting1.

Today, they are excellent family dogs that are quite friendly and love children. They are also well adapted to living in different environments.

Despite their small size, these dogs are known for protecting the family with excessive bravery thanks to the good hearing they have to detect even the slightest noise.

Although stubborn, they respond well to progressive training using food as motivation, remember what they have been taught, and are generally a quiet dog, not liking to bark at any inconvenience.

Can English Bulldogs Be Aggressive?

Many people consider the English bulldog a good guard dog because they somehow gained a negative reputation as aggressive dogs that will bite and attack people if provoked. This image is reinforced by the bulldogs’ rude appearance.

But the truth is that English Bulldogs are, naturally, quite the opposite of the mean and aggressive dogs they are supposed to be.

Bulldogs are not aggressive by nature, but they can become violent when provoked, just like any other dog.

If a Bulldog is not well socialized as a puppy, it is considerably more likely to bite as an adult. 

And it should be noted that although Bulldogs are gentle and peaceful with their owners, they tend to be wary of strangers and unfamiliar animals.

Can a bulldog be a good guard dog

Is A bulldog A Fighting Dog?

No. Originally, the ancestor of the English Bulldog, known as the Old English Bulldog, was used by the British as early as 55 BC to fight the Romans.

With an incredible resistance to pain, these dogs were later used in the Roman circus to fight bears and lions for show.

Bull baiting was a popular blood sport in the United Kingdom from 1206 until 1835 when it was finally banned.

Bulldogs were bred to be formidable bullfighters. They were used as bait for the bulls – hence their name: bull and dog. 

But, nowadays these practices have been left behind and the bulldog is a calm family dog that does not need to fight.

How Strong Is An English Bulldog’s Bite?

English Bulldogs are strong, muscular dogs, have a defined and extremely powerful jaw, having a bite force of 210 psi2.

This is a measure of the amount of force present per square inch. This force can easily break a person’s bones and muscles.

This is thanks to its genetics and its origins as a bulldog. However, nowadays this powerful jaw serves English bulldogs to be good guard dogs because if a stranger scares it, the bulldog will use it to protect its family or as a warning. 

Bulldogs have the ability to bite, and they can bite hard.

What Is The Temperament Of An English Bulldog?

Throughout the years and selective breeding, the bulldog has become a dog with a calm and gentle character, very affectionate and sociable, which is also capable of showing great courage and security when the situation requires it, which makes bulldogs good watchdogs.

These dogs are characterized by a sweet, docile, reliable, and predictable temperament.

They are a wonderful people-centered family pet, actively demanding for attention.

When the bulldog gets angry, however, it is an animal to be feared. When defending its territory, it’s family or its possessions, it is a fierce dog, capable of causing a lot of damage. 

They can be a bit territorial or dominant with other dogs, but this can be controlled with proper socialization.

Also keep in mind that they can be stubborn and not very obedient, so they will need a firm and trained person to educate them correctly.

Do English Bulldogs Bark A lot?

No. English bulldogs have a low tendency to bark. 

This doesn’t mean they don’t bark at all, because they do, just not very often, they will only do it when they deem it necessary, such as when a stranger approaches or there is something that interrupts or disturbs their routine.

Their specific barks help to let their owners know when there is an unusual situation.

Yet when the English bulldog barks, it can be as intimidating as its appearance, sounding deep and intense, quite impressive for its size.

Are English Bulldogs Smart?

Ranking dog intelligence is difficult and somewhat subjective, if you measure IQ with obedience and working intelligence, English Bulldogs are not extremely intelligent dogs.

In fact, they are the 77th most intelligent breed (out of 79)3.

This is in comparison to other breeds that stop to think and analyze the situation to solve problems; bulldogs need a little more help and repetition.

This is due to their origins as fighting dogs that only had to fight and defend themselves relying on their instincts without thinking too much.

Yet Bulldogs have a different kind of intelligence, they tend to learn from their past experiences while demonstrating the ability to learn on their own.

Are Bulldogs Loyal?

Their main characteristic could be their enormous loyalty. They are surprisingly reliable and loyal. 

Once you gain their affection and trust you will also gain their loyalty and they will form a strong lifelong bond with the family, which they will protect if necessary especially if they feel a threat. 

In fact, they are also nicknamed as nanny dogs, due to their dedication to the family, especially the children with whom they are very patient.

How Do English Bulldogs Show Affection?

While the English Bulldog’s appearance may be a bit intimidating, they are among the friendliest breeds of dogs. 

It is a loving and reliable animal that seeks human attention at every moment, as we mentioned, they are very friendly with children and are attentive to strangers. 

They may even prefer the company of their family at home rather than playing in the garden or different open spaces with other pets.

It is normal that, as they mature, they behave in a more independent and relaxed way, but they still need the love and attention of the family.

Do English Bulldogs Love Their Owners?

Of course! They love to receive hugs and cuddles, they enjoy the interaction and contact with their owners, so it is important to encourage play not only to give them physical activity but also to strengthen the bond between the two. 

They are faithful lovers of human warmth and are afraid of loneliness, which means that they must be educated with a lot of gentlenesses, always stimulating their intelligence.

Is A bulldog A Fighting Dog?

Are English Bulldogs Good With Kids?

Absolutely! Although they tend to respond more to one member of the family, it is really a loving dog with all members, and with children is no exception.

In fact, many parents agree that bulldogs have a pleasant demeanor with the youngest members of the family and their ability to measure their strength in playing with them. 

Of course, for this harmony to occur, children must also be taught that companion animals are living beings that need respect, not toys that can be manipulated in any way.

But, generally, they make excellent pets. When they are young they enjoy sharing and will want to be in the middle of the activity, but as they get older they will be more content to sit and watch.

Final ThoughtsIs the English bulldog a good guard dog?

It depends. It is a strong and muscular dog of robust appearance, with an impressive bite strength whose past was about facing and fighting with animals much bigger than them. 

With these qualities, Bulldogs meet several requirements to be good guard dogs, however, at present they live quietly as a family dog that likes to socialize and being stubborn does not like too much training.

So the English bulldog would make a good watchdog for your family, but he will need reward and repetition-based training which can reinforce his skills, such as his bite strength, barking when he sees intruders, his sense of loyalty and protection, and more.

They may not have the same skills as other dogs but they are certainly family dogs that with good training will be able to protect their family.

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