Are Dogo Argentino Good Guard Dog? (Get The Facts Here)

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If you are wondering if a Dogo Argentino is a good guard dog?

Then you have come to the right place! 

Dogos Argentinos are not common dogs, they are a very particular breed

They are handsome: elegant, big and muscular, but well proportioned, short-haired, usually white almost entirely, and very self-confident. 

And believe me, they certainly seem to know it! 

If you want to know if you have what it takes to have a Dogo Argentino as a guard dogdon’t miss the rest of the information! 

You will discover things about this incredible breed that you can’t even imagine!

Are Dogos Argentinos Good Guard Dogs?

Are Dogos Argentinos Good Guard Dogs?

The Dogos Argentinos ability to be a guardian is perhaps its most characteristic trait. Dogos Argentinos have it all to be an excellent guard dog. They are strong, agile, and intelligent. They have a great protective instinct and generate close ties with their family.

How good of a guardian is Dogo Argentino? 

Let’s just say that the Dogo Argentino is capable of facing a coyote1, a powerful cougar, or even a wild boar. 

So, Dogos Argentinos are not just good guardians, they are excellent!

Do Dogo Argentino Attack Their Owners?

There are some rumors that Dogos Argentinos are such rough dogs that they attack their owners. 

But don’t worry, they are just rumors. It is very difficult for a situation like that to come to pass, due to the very nature of the breed.

Dogos Argentinos develop strong bonds with those who consider their family and have by nature a great protective instinct. 

They will defend their owner from whom they consider a threat without a second thought, even if their opponent is bigger than him.

What is true, is that they are temperamental and proud dogs that do not respond very well to negative stimuli. 

In a situation of abuse, they can become destructive.

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Is Dogo Argentino the Strongest Dog?

The Dogo Argentino may not be the strongest dog in the world, but he is very strong! 

He is also a very agile dog in terms of size and weight, giving him an advantage even against stronger opponents. 

And not only that, they have zero fear and his imperturbability will make anyone who wants to face it think twice before doing it.

Dogos Argentinos can weigh between 40-45 kg for males and between 35 and 40 kg for females. 

Regarding the height, the males can be between 60 and 68 cm tall and the females can measure between 60 and 65 cm.

Is Dogo Argentino Aggressive?

Dogos Argentinos have a past as fighting dogs, which characterizes them as, perhaps not aggressive, but reactive dogs. 

In 1920 when this breed was created, dogfighting was very popular and that was the intention when creating the Dogo Argentino.

The Cordovan fighting dog is the direct ascendant of the Dogo, but the intention to cross this breed was to seek greater stability of character and aggressiveness. 

To achieve this, it was necessary to involve many other breeds in the cross, such as the Bull Terrier, the Great Dane, the Pyrenean Mastiff, the Dogue de Bordeaux, the Pontier.

The result was successful, the Argentine Dogo is a reactive dog, but with good direction and education it can learn to control its energy and impulses with ease.

Also, as in most breeds, an aggressive dog is a poorly cared for or mistreated animal. 

The education you give your dog will shape his temperament and behavior, either for better or for worse.

Is A Dogo Argentino a Good Guard Dog

Are Dogo Argentino Good Family Dogs

Dogos Argentinos are excellent family dogs. 

They develop strong ties with those they consider to be close. 

They are usually characterized by being very loving and loyal to their owners.

As for children, Dogos are very playful and affectionate with them, they usually have a lot of patience, so they are considered excellent dogs to live with.

In any case, its size and strength are nothing to underestimate, so it is recommended that younger children are always under supervision if there is a Dogo Argentino in the house. 

Especially since young children are usually rough with animals, and this breed does not take physical aggression very well.

With slightly older children who know how to treat animals and when to give them their space, they will be excellent companions, protectors, playful and affectionate.

Are Dogo Argentino Good With Other Dogs?

If proper socialization is offered, the Dogo Argentino will have no problem living with other dogs. 

On the contrary, Dogos Argentinos are usually playful and friendly.

But early socialization is very important in this breed. 

This should be the basis of their education: accustom the dog from puppyhood to living with other people and dogs, especially with those who will surround him in his adult life.

It will depend on this if he is socially stable and calm. 

Lack of socialization causes behavioral problems and reactive impulses.

Is Dogo Argentino Good For First-Time Owner

If you are looking for your first dog, the Dogo Argentino may not be for you. 

These dogs have great intelligence, which can be an advantage when training them. 

But also their great intelligence makes them bored easily.

Dogos Argentinos need training and education that continually provides them with new experiences and positive activities.

So if you are not an experienced person in training, you may need professional help.

The Dogo needs a dynamic family that understands and considers the needs of this dog and that has a proactive lifestyle.

Here is a list of the best guard dogs for first-time owners.

Is A Dogo Argentino Temperament Protective

The Dogo Argentino is very protective by instinct. That nature makes him confront those who threaten the safety of his family without hesitation and fear.

They are strong, agile, and powerful dogs, and they know it. 

They can face stronger and bigger opponents and emerge victorious.

Protecting its family is the main objective of this breed.

So you should take your precautions since you do not want your dog to unnecessarily attack a person or another animal that is not a real threat.

Is A Dogo Argentino Temperament Protective

Is Dogo Argentino Easy To Train?

The Dogo is an intelligent dog that will quickly understand and learn what you are asking of him, but you have to know how to ask for it. 

They respond very easily to positive stimuli and respond very badly to negative ones such as physical force or punishment, or any habit that causes anxiety or a bad feeling.

They are proud dogs, so when educating your Dogo, try to do it through a system of rewards and prizes. 

If you use a positive training method you will discover that Dogos are very knowledgeable and obedient dogs.

It will be very easy for your Doge to learn the basics of dog training, and continuous training will be a great way to channel your dog’s energy.

And what’s best, you will be giving it the mental stimulation it requires, while creating an even stronger bond between you and your dog. 

So reviewing basic commands for 15 minutes a day and learning new ones is a great idea!

Do Dogo Argentino Have Health Issues?

are dogo argentino aggressive

The Dogo Argentino is a fairly healthy breed that does not require excessive care. 

However, you must take some precautions with its skin. Its fine fur means that it can suffer skin burns if it is exposed too much to the sun. 

And it is also not very tolerant of low temperatures so if you live in a very cold place, he will have to spend the winter indoors.

It is advisable to brush his hair once or twice a week and be aware of when should bathe to protect his skin.

Outside of that, the most common diseases of these breeds are:

  • Hereditary deafness
  • Hip dysplasia

The life expectancy of Dogos Argentino is 10-12 years, but with a good diet and good care, they can live several more years.

Dogos Argentinos Adapt to Apartments Or Small Places?

Although what is recommended for Dogos Argentino are large places so that they can release the necessary energy, this breed is very familiar.

They are not recommended guard dogs for apartments.

So it adapts easily to the place where their family is, in addition to having a calm behavior indoors.

Of course, if this is the case, it is very important to provide the dog with the appropriate means to channel and release its energy. 

If you live in an apartment you will need to walk your Dogo Argentino at least 3 times a day.

As you can see, the Dogo Argentino is not just any dog, they are very powerful dogs and therefore need to be educated and guided correctly. 

Otherwise, they could develop personality problems that, added to their size and strength, can become dangerous.

If you are thinking of having a Dogo Argentino, you must take into account all its characteristics to be able to provide it with the necessary tools to satisfy its physical needs.

Such as providing him with the necessary exercise, such as mental needs; with games, challenges, or toys that provide adequate stimulation.

If you give them the proper education and time, Dogos Argentinos are more than wonderful dogs. 

If you can dedicate all this to your dog, do not hesitate to adopt a Dogo Argentino. 

You will be gaining an exceptional friend and dog.

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